Why join us

A membership can only bring benefits and a business is thought of more favorably as a member of a chamber of commerce.

Our members share an excellent network in both Albania and Luxembourg and can assist in facilitating projects and investments from Luxembourg to Albania and the opposite direction too. Being specialized in a number of fields such as civil engineering, law, IT, finance and project management, among others, and rich in experience, we can provide indispensable advice and subsequently bring credibility to your business.

Your business and projects will gain the exposure and space needed in order to be successful. You can trust us as being your advocate for your stakes in any business matters as your interests are of utmost importance for us. Our aspirations align with yours and we take ownership on projects success.

By becoming a member you have a trusted partner acting locally and working as an interface towards an integrated strategy by making the best use of available resources and information in both regions, and bring them to your table in the shape that will guarantee success for your business pursuits.

Membership information

50 €
Annual Fee
Legal Entity
250 €
Annual Fee
Strategic Members or Organizations
up to 5000 €
Annual Fee


Individual membership is dedicated to physical persons who do not represent a business. This type of membership provides the opportunity for individuals to get in contact with business representatives for setting up a future business or for finding employment opportunity. The benefits that are provided are invitations in the activities of the Chamber of Commerce, access to the latest news and information and networking and references.

The fee for Individual Membership is 50€ per year.

Legal entity membership is dedicated to all types which are set up as a legal entity and are represented by their legal representatives. This type of membership gives rights to CCAL’s members such as access to our database, business promotion and support, access to the latest news, information, events and trends, consultancy, networking and references.

The fee for Institutional Membership is 250€ per year.

It is not allowed that physical persons who represent businesses chose the individual membership option because this option is purely dedicated to support individuals who do not yet have a business in order to support their development and to provide them with opportunities with an affordable fee. Once an individual member sets up a business or is employed by one institutional member, his/her membership status will be reviewed by the Chamber of Commerce.

Strategic Partner membership is dedicated to privileged businesses of all types which are set up as a legal entity and are represented by their legal representatives. This type of membership gives access to the members in all the services of the Chamber of Commerce that are available for strategic membership plus additional tailor-made services which are decided on case by case basis depending on the business needs of the Strategic Partner

The fee for Strategic Partner is 5,000€ per year / or any material contribution to be offered with the both parties agreement.


Completing the membership form below and selecting one of the three above membership options, depending on the category you classify yourself, you can directly become an CCLA member and gain access to a number of benefits and service.

To become a member, please fill in the membership form below, and send a scan to contact@ccal.lu.

CCAL Application Form (PDF)