Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Chamber of Commerce Albania -Luxembourg

Article 1: Purpose            

This Code of Ethics and Conduct is approved by the Board of the Chamber of Commerce Albania-Luxembourg (hereafter as the “Chamber”) and it is provided to new individual, corporate, public or private organisms, members of the Chamber (hereafter as the “Members”) once they become Members, together with a copy of the statutes.


Article 2: Scope

All Members without exception shall respect the legislation in power in Albania and Luxembourg, in the European Union and in any other country where they conduct business, as well as the statutes of the Chamber.


Article 3: Definitions

A Code of Ethics and Conduct is a "Statement of principles and values that establishes a set of expectations and standards for how an organisation, government body, company, affiliated group or individual will behave, including minimal levels of compliance and disciplinary action for the organisation, its staff and volunteers” (source: Transparency International 2009).


Article 4: Principles

All Members without exception are committed to respect, during the business relationships with the Chamber, with other Members, with governmental bodies and other institutions and, during any other business relationship which involves the Chamber, the principles of lawfulness, transparency, confidentiality fairness and integrity and high business standards.


Article 5: Prohibitions

All Members without exception shall consider the following prohibitions in performing their business relations related to or though the Chamber:

  • The Members are not permitted to offer, accept or make any bribe, unorthodox or unauthorised payment or inducement of any kind to anyone, directly or indirectly;
  • The Members are not permitted to conduct business through unlawful practices of any kind;
  • The Members are not permitted to conduct business by breaching the statutes of the Chamber.


Article 6: Conflicts of Interest

The Chamber acts in its benefit and in the benefit of its Members without exception.

All Members and the Chamber shall avoid conflicts of interest and in case when they cannot be avoided, they shall inform the respective parties in writing for such conflicts of interest.


Article 7: Rules of Conduct

All Members without exception undertake to:

  • Conduct all business and professional activities in a lawful and reputable manner to comply with the vision and principles of the Chamber and of its Members;
  • Respect the vision, the principles and the good reputation of the Chamber and represent it accordingly;
  • Understand and support the Chamber during its mission and strategies;
  • Provide qualitative, honest and skilled services to their customers;
  • In case of advertising, present an honest and transparent view of the products or services that are being provided;
  • Comply with all local and international laws during conducting business;
  • Cooperate with the public authorities in case of investigations for breaches of laws;
  • Participate in events of the Chamber as often as possible and promote the Chamber, its activity and vision and whenever possible lend skills and expertise.


Article 8: Cooperation between the Chamber and the Members

Whenever possible, the Members are expected to endorse the mission and strategies of the Chamber by promoting, representing and safeguarding the interests of the business community and the development of the business connections between Albania and Luxembourg.


Article 9: Sanctions

Members acknowledge that any violation of the statutes and of this Code of Ethics and Conduct shall result in the expulsion from the membership of the Chamber.


Article 10: Consent

Members acknowledge that when they join the Chamber they are familiarized with the content of the Statutes and of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Chamber and accept to respect them during all their activities.