Chamber of Commerce

Law of 26 October 2010 regarding the organization of the Chamber of Commerce:


Law of 29 august 2008

1) Regarding the free circulation of persons and emigration

2) Which modifies:
      - The modified law of 5 May 2006 concerning the rights asylum and complementary forms of protection
      - The modified law of 29 April 1999 concerning the creation of a guaranteed minimal income
      - The Code of Labour
      - The Penal Code

3) Which abrogates:
      - The modified law of 28 March 1972 concerning:
            a) The entrance and residence of foreigners;
            b) The medical controls of foreigners;
            c) Employment of foreigner’s labour.

      - The law of 26 June 1953 with regards to the taxation on ID cards of foreigners;    

The law of 28 October 1920 regarding the intended to stem the influx of foreigners into the territory of the Grand Duchy.


Official journal A n° 63 of 2016

The Law of 5 April 2016 which transposes the implementation of the Convention of social security between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Republic of Albania, signed in Luxembourg, on 27 October 2014.